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what if
you could have
an open doorway
to another place

to learn and grow
wherever you are

to meet and work naturally
as if you're in the same room

and stay connected
with those you love


it's life-sized

sit, stand, and move freely. see eye-to-eye and into the whole room.

it's super fast

no noticeable lag. no interruptions or "sorry, you go first."

natural and emotive

hear subtle tones. read facial expressions and body language.

and always on

foster serendipity. be more spontaneous and casual.

for early adopters

Sumio-san hard at work.

our first-generation product is custom-built by our team in Japan with a clean design that underscores performance and craft. we're currently producing tonari at a small scale for early customers in Japan, while scaling up for broader adoption later this year.

if you're ready for tonari
contact us

for everyone

in our globalized society, technology has to play a role in enabling natural human connection. we urgently need to explore ways to reduce the heavy environmental costs of air travel, and the time and stress of daily commuting, to be kinder to ourselves and our planet.

the future with tonari is about connecting many kinds of spaces that give people more flexibility about where they work, and how they learn and grow, while also staying close to family and community.

by enabling each of us to be where we want to be, we empower everyone to live and work better, together.