that unify
remote spaces

tonari is natural, energizing, face-to-face communication that actually feels like being in the same room.

it enables presence and closeness, faster and more creative communication, and helps build trust — making it easier for teams to grow across distances.

tonari is more
like teleportation
than a video call

being together is important, but travel and video calls aren’t enough. tonari enables people to instantly be together, with no travel stress or jetlag.

eye-to-eye and

non-verbal communication is a huge part of how we convey emotions and build trust. tonari’s unique camera system — hidden inside the screen — allows for true eye contact, full body language, and clear facial expressions. see, feel, and be totally immersed in conversations.

life-sized and

bigger is better. with tonari’s large floor-to-ceiling screen — displaying life-like detailed video at 3K 60fps — you can see the whole room, feel the vibe, notice when people come and go, and spark more conversations.

extremely fast, with no perceptible lag

tonari has sub-100ms glass-to-glass latency from Tokyo to Osaka, and sub-150ms from Tokyo to Los Angeles — that’s 3~5x faster than most video calls. gestures, reactions, and laughter all happen at the right time. no waiting to talk or awkward interruptions.

always-on for closeness and spontaneity

universally designed with no buttons or settings, no dialing, and no learning curve. this brings people together in casual, unintentional ways — even when no one is talking — and gives birth to serendipitous events and creative ideas that make our days more interesting.

screen sharing

use a dedicated screen to share apps, presentations, videos, and more — and collaborate as though you're right next to each other. easy wireless sharing via AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast, or wired sharing via HDMI.

hybrid calls

tonari supports plug-and-play integration with most video conferencing devices, including Teams, Meet, Zoom, Webex, and more. seamlessly host or join calls with remote participants as if both tonari locations are in one meeting room.

secure, private, reliable

fully encrypted peer-to-peer communication via wireguard means your connection is totally secure and private, with no communication passing through any tonari or third-party servers. tonari can even run over private networks in mission-critical scenarios.


tonari uses about 450 watts of energy while awake, and much less while sleeping. even in a full year at two locations, tonari’s energy use would produce less than half the carbon emissions of a single business class flight between London and New York.

bringing people together at

Customer logos including Platinum Games Inc. Tokyo University of Science or Frontier Consulting

tonari feels
more natural

video calls are convenient, but tiresome. they lag, glitch, and stutter. we squint to see tiny disembodied faces. we react late and interrupt each other. we see ourselves and feel self-conscious.

because human experience can’t be shrunk down, we built technologies that scale up. refined to the highest levels of performance, and expanded to the limits of human perception.



5x more than a typical

720p video call


smooth video

natural and expressive

body language



imperceptibly fast

no lag, no interruptions


hi-fi audio

clean and clear

high-fidelity sound

tonari vs.
video calls










in other words…

🚅 💨

🚌 😴

tonari is like the shinkansen, and video calls are like the night bus.

you may still get there, but without the speed, comfort, and convenience. and you’ll pay with the tiredness you feel after the ride.

technology shouldn't
be intrusive.
it should just be.

tightly integrated hardware and software, built from the ground up, and designed to facilitate genuine connection.

tonari lite 3D render tonari lite 3D render

refined engineering

to push performance further, we design and build at every layer: from low-level software, to networking, to camera optics and image processing, to hardware and industrial design, to acoustics and lighting, and more.

made in 🔴

tonari hardware is made in our small factory near Tokyo, with a trusted network of makers and craftspeople who bring the same level of care and precision to every component, material, and detail in our product.

tonari lite render
tonari pro render
tonari lite
tonari pro

height: 2350mm

width: 2450mm

depth: 650mm

weight: 89kg

height: 2600mm

width: 3300mm

depth: 1300mm

weight: 183kg

colors & finish

white or black metal

fabrics in 10+ colors

white or black metal

natural wood

fabrics in 20+ colors


3.29m² screen area

1400mm width by 2350mm height

3840-by-2160 resolution (4K)

5000lm laser projection

high contrast screen

4.68m² screen area

1800mm width by 2600mm height

3840-by-2160 resolution (4K)

8500lm laser projection

high contrast screen


6.4MP in-screen camera

true eye-contact

70° field-of-view

6.4MP in-screen camera

true eye-contact

70° field-of-view


3K resolution

60 frames-per-second

<120ms glass-to-glass latency

3K resolution

60 frames-per-second

<100ms glass-to-glass latency


48khz transparent audio

microphones w/ full dynamic range

advanced noise reduction

context-aware automatic gain control

high-fidelity stereo speakers

screen sharing

32-inch secondary display

customizable to larger sizes

wired sharing via HDMI

wireless sharing via AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast (optional)

supports Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices

43-inch secondary display

customizable to larger sizes

wired sharing via HDMI

wireless sharing via AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast (optional)

supports Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices

hybrid calls

integration with third-party video calls via secondary display

support for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Zoom, and more

additional hardware and software licenses required

fully encrypted peer-to-peer transmission over WireGuard

450w average

800w maximum

low-power sleep mode

700w average

1000w maximum

low-power sleep mode

installation requirements

2500mm width along anchoring wall

3000mm by 4000mm floor space

balanced directed lighting via spotlights or similar lighting fixtures

carpeting, acoustic ceiling, wall panels, or similar acoustic treatments

furniture selected for visible area and ergonomic use

3500mm width along anchoring wall

4000mm by 4500mm floor space

balanced directed lighting via spotlights or similar lighting fixtures

carpeting, acoustic ceiling, wall panels, or similar acoustic treatments

furniture selected for visible area and ergonomic use

network requirements

60 Mbps bandwidth on a line with stable delay characteristics

recommended line speed of 1 Gbps

SLA with 99.9% uptime

dedicated fiber line (i.e. not shared with others in the building)

tonari lite render
tonari pro render
tonari lite
tonari pro

高さ: 2350mm

横幅: 2450mm

奥行き: 650mm

重量: 89kg

高さ: 2600mm

横幅: 3300mm

奥行き: 1300mm

重量: 183kg








面積: 3.29m²

サイズ: 幅1400mm × 高さ2350mm

解像度: 3840 × 2160(4K)



面積: 4.68m²

サイズ: 幅1800mm × 高さ2600mm

解像度: 3840 × 2160(4K)




























オプション:AirPlay、 Miracast、 Chromecastでの無線ミラーリング

対応デバイス:Windows、 Mac、 Chrome、 iOS、 Android



対応Web会議システム:Microsoft Teams、Google Meet、Cisco Webex、Zoom など








スペース:壁の横幅 2500mm





スペース:壁の横幅 3500mm








保証稼働率:SLA 99.9%


better communication
→ better organizations

build trust and strengthen teams

creative and high-performing teams rely on trust, relationships, and psychological safety to move quickly with agility. tonari enhances the ability of teams to connect emotionally and in the day-to-day, with a convenience and tightness that would be impossible through travel.

case study: Frontier Consulting

connect easily without scheduling

find more time for catch-ups when it’s convenient. no scheduling or waiting for replies. no need to find a headset or a room. because tonari is always-on, you can instantly and effortlessly call out and jump into a conversation for as little or as long as needed, just like being in the same place.

case study: freee

collaborate through complexity

tonari is excellent for rapid, emotive, nuanced, and creative communication. it’s also great for long work sessions that would normally be done face-to-face, like when kicking off a new project, onboarding a new hire, or just working through a challenging task. tonari ‘war rooms’ can be a great setup for multiple teams to work together at different times.

case study: PlatinumGames

time-critical communications

sense, adapt, and respond to timely and critical challenges where quick decision-making is crucial and when being in sync matters. when setting tonari next to key persons or work stations, it can be an effective way to manage complex operations across locations, including business continuity and mission-critical applications.

case study: JR East

simply be together

connect with others more often, share space and vibes, and be in the know — whether it’s meeting someone new, overhearing an interesting conversation, or just noticing someone’s cool sneakers. placing tonari in open spaces or next to where teams sit and work allows people to simply spend more time together and feel closer to each other.

case study: Tokyo University of Science

expand further
without boundaries


hire anywhere and grow flexibly

hire leadership and strong talent in new places, and grow more flexibly into new cities and regions. smaller distributed offices also reduce commutes, improve quality of life, and save costs, without the drawbacks of other hybrid and remote setups.

case study: tonari team

reach new markets

venture further regionally or internationally in pursuit of new opportunities and markets. tonari makes it easier to set up new bases and support local teams and customers, providing small offices with frequent and high-bandwidth access to colleagues and resources in headquarters or larger offices.

case study: Leave a Nest

“We introduced tonari just in time for the expansion of our Singapore team in November 2022. As this was the first time for us to cross from Japan into another country, we were a bit nervous, but with tonari we’ve been impressed with how smooth the experience has been. I use tonari every day, and when I pass by I also look to see who's around and sometimes check in or say hello. It not only improves work efficiency, but is also very useful in building trust and sharing the same energy and culture.”

Akitaka Wilhelm Fuji
President, Real Tech Holdings

unify company culture

tonari helps remote teams feel more plugged-in and enables relationships and communities to form across locations and departments. installing tonari in collision spaces like snack bars or entrance areas allows for more serendipitous greetings and continual feelings of closeness.

case study: Itochu Techno Solutions

share resources across locations

connecting headquarters and branch offices can provide small teams with the resources of bigger ones, improving access to management and leadership, back-office, and other functions. tonari can also be set up in private rooms for remote specialists to meet directly with clients and visitors.

case study: Sompo Japan

ready to
try tonari?

tonari is available for immediate delivery in Japan, and now available in many other countries worldwide.

contact us to book an online or in-person demo, and to inquire about pricing and delivery options.

book a demo

tonari requires stable high-speed internet, and a suitable installation environment with appropriate lighting, acoustics, and furnishings. our design team is available to guide you through these preparations.

for everyone


create educational experiences and programs that cross urban, rural, and global cultural divides — expanding access to opportunities and developing greater social consciousness.


provide smaller clinics with the knowledge and resources of teams and colleagues in larger and more specialized institutions — and support doctors, nurses, and patients to improve health outcomes.

retail and entertainment

design new services and experiences — like bringing international artists to local venues, improving consulting services for remote customers, or sharing meals with friends on the other side of the world.

families and long-distance relationships

enable deeper and more intimate relations between distant partners or multigenerational families — and extend reach to provide greater emotional care for loved ones when physical closeness isn’t an option.

working parents

give parents more flexibility, shorter commutes, and more time with their families — without compromising face time with colleagues and being together in supportive and energizing work environments.

our mission is to build a future where distance is no longer a barrier to career, education, and community.

if your organization is interested in using tonari and exploring this future with us, we’d love to hear from you.

contact us

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live and work
better together

a tonari team
true story

a working mother and a creative each live their best lives, while also working seamlessly in the same space 100km apart