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what if
you could have
an open doorway
to another place

to learn and grow
wherever you are

to meet and work naturally
as if you're in the same room

and stay connected
with those you love

simply be

not remote. not the metaverse. tonari is a seamless space to simply be together.

eye-to-eye and

natural and intimate communication with true eye contact.

life-sized and

notice everything from nuanced body language to action happening across the room.

fast, smooth,
and immersive

clear video with no perceptible lag. experience seamless conversations without awkward interruptions.

share more
with ease

share apps, presentations, videos, and more – and collaborate as though you're right next to each other.

natural and

always-on, with no user interface and no learning curve, to enable more sparks and unplanned moments.

work and communicate
more efficiently

team meeting quick syncs work side-by-side

team meetings

better standups, discussions, presentations, and show-and-tells

quick syncs

easily ask questions or jump into a conversation at the right moment

work side-by-side

seamlessly collaborate on documents, code, presentations, and more

build stronger teams
and relationships

be together intimate chats shared moments

be together

feel connected as one team, and become part of something bigger

intimate chats

share more natural and heartfelt conversations and 1:1s

shared moments

enjoy chance encounters, morning rituals, and other small moments

grow flexibly while
staying connected

hire and onboard mentor support distributed teams

hire and onboard

expand in new locations with smoother hiring and onboarding

mentor and support

grow flatter teams with better access between managers and staff

distributed teams

form strong and flexible teams across locations as opportunities arise

"I really feel our Osaka and Tokyo offices share the same space because I see and hear everyone every day. People use the word ‘oneness’ to describe a well-functioning team and tonari makes it happen naturally."

Naoki Hirose - Frontier Consulting

Head of Frontier Consulting's West Japan Region

"tonari is very intuitive! I can check the status of an inquiry when I see an employee walk by, and have deeper discussions while looking at documents side by side. I don't need to travel as often as before because we are already in the same office."

Masaya Izumi - Sompo Japan Insurance

Manager of Narita Claims Service Section

early adopters

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designed for
your team

tonari is more than hardware and software — we also design and build an environment specific to your goals.

order made in
12~16 weeks


  • use our online form to submit details about your locations, team, and goals

  • we'll contact you within a few days to gather more info and provide an estimate

  • your order is confirmed and we schedule a date to kick off the design process


  • our consultants and designers visit your locations and meet all stakeholders

  • we design a unified layout for your spaces, creating an ideal environment for your team’s needs and use cases

  • we prepare a custom onboarding and success program tailored to your team's goals


  • your order is finalized and we schedule your installation and launch dates

  • we renovate each location, including any construction and network preparations

  • tonari is fully delivered, installed and calibrated; and we host a launch party to onboard your team 🎉

attentive care and
expert services

software & support

  • instant online and phone support with our technical experts

  • scheduled maintenance visits and next-day onsite repairs

  • continuous software updates and improvements

success programs

  • tailored programs to help teams be closer and more effective

  • workshops and contents to explore new uses and best practices

  • regular check-ins to share feedback and plan events

installation and service requirements

  • your locations must be within our installation and service areas (Japan only for now)

  • at least 25m2 floor space at each location to be redesigned for use with tonari

  • high-performance internet from an approved ISP; or tested and verified by our team

for everyone

in our globalized society, technology has to play a role in enabling natural human connection. we need to explore ways to reduce the environmental costs of air travel, and the time and stress of daily commuting, to be kinder to ourselves and our planet.

the future with tonari is about connecting many places to give people more flexibility for where they work, and how they learn and grow, while also staying close to family and community.

by enabling each of us to be where we want to be, we empower everyone to live and work better, together.